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    Safeguard the
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    Nilfisk vacuums effectively remove
    powders, debris, and potent compounds
    that threaten product purity and
    employee health

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Meet compliance demands with
Nilfisk cleanroom vacuums and
industrial HEPA vacuums

Powders...debris...hazardous materials...potent compounds - they endanger your workforce and can potentially destroy the reputation of your company. That's why the FDA recommends using properly filtered, specialized ULPA vacuums, HEPA vacuums, and cleanroom vacuums as part of standard operating procedures. Regular use of these specialized vacuums is the most efficient way to meet the rigorous cleaning demands of the pharmaceutical industry and keep workers safe.

What you need to know about pharmaceutical vacuums and cleanroom vacuums

  • Purchasing the right potent compound vacuum, HEPA vacuum or ULPA vacuum can:
      • save money
      • protect the integrity of your product
      • increase productivity
      • safeguard the health of your workforce
  • A high-quality portable vacuum specialized for cleanrooms is far superior to other traditional cleaning methods like wipe-down 
  • Special accessories are available to clean hard-to-reach areas including overhead and around machines 
  • The right potent compound vacuum, HEPA vacuum or ULPA vacuum will collect and retain particles - including dangerous potent compounds - inside the machine with little chance of being exhausted back into the atmosphere 
  • The most cutting-edge pharmaceutical vacuums and cleanroom vacuums will safely contain the hazardous material in a sealed collection container

Safe-Pak - The ultimate in cleanroom safety

Only Nilfisk Industrial Vacuums offers the revolutionary Safe-Pak™ collection unit. The Safe-Pak allows you to easily collect, contain and dispose of hazardous materials including potent compounds. With Safe-Pak, there's no contamination of your cleanroom vacuum or facility - and no danger to your people.

The self-contained Safe-Pak unit - with enclosed HEPA filter - safely isolates hazardous materials without contaminating your cleanroom vacuum. When full, the Safe-Pak unit is removed and discarded. No filters to change. No maintenance hassles. Unlike bag-in/bag-out systems, the rigid Safe-Pak container won't tear. Simply slide out the unit and replace it with a new one. Nothing is easier or safer for handling potent compounds.

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This Pharmaceutical Processing Vacuum website is your source for cleanroom vacuum information. Nilfisk Industrial Vacuums is a world leader in contamination control and has been providing industrial vacuums for over 100 years.

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